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What Does LGBTQIA+ Actually Mean?

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11.12.2023 14:45

The month of June has already passed, and with it the excitement related to the rights of homosexuals in society has subsided. In the USA, June is the Month of Pride, and it's a matter of pride for non-heterosexuals to assert their equal rights.

The LGBTQ community is changing, making steps toward its goal. And along with that come quite a few new and increasingly adaptable terms to vocabulary used by people.

What Does LGBTQIA+ Actually Mean?

In the following lines, we will try to guide you in the respective abbreviations and their meaning, focusing on the abbreviation from the title - LGBTQIA+.

LGBT: This short and most common abbreviation most often represents gender and sexual diversity. Sometimes the letters are rearranged - GLBT.

LGBTQ: This acronym is the upgraded version of the first one. It simply includes Q for the so-called "queer". According to Google Trends, this trend has gained popularity in recent years.

LGBTQIA+ (n.b. - and others): Depending on the community, organization, or culture, other improvements to the acronym have been adopted to best respond to how people in those communities identify themselves.

L: Lesbian G: Gay B: Bi (sexual) T: Trans (gender) Q: Queer or Questioning (sexuality and/or gender identity) I: Intersex A: Asexual or non-romantic +: The plus sign symbolizes other gender or sexual identities, which are not yet included in the main abbreviation.

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