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Top 6 Game-Changing Trans Models!

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12.12.2023 11:00

There are people who do not feel good about their bodies and therefore resort to gender affirming surgeries and therapies. In the past, these people were condemned and discriminated. Today, the attitude towards them has changed. The views of life through the eyes of generation Z are different and they are tolerant towards the different.

Some of transgender people even managed to break into the fashion industry and change the notions of beauty. They not only fulfilled their dream and changed their gender, but also work in their dream profession - a model.

Andrea Pezic

Andrea Pezic is a transsexual model renowned worldwide. She was born on 28 August 1991 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

She began her modeling career at the age of 18 when a scout spotted her at McDonald's where Pezic was working at the time.

She was the first transgender model to appear on the pages of American Vogue. She has been on the covers of popular magazines such as Elle, L'Officiel, Fashion and GQ.

Isis King

Isis King is an American model, actress and fashion designer. She is the first transgender model to appear on America's Next Top Model. In 2007, she participated in a documentary about the lives of American transgender teenagers.

Yasmine Petty

Petty is a model, actress and photographer. She has participated in international events such as New York Fashion Week, Italian Vogue and Life Ball.

Valentina Sampaio

In 2017, Vogue magazine put her on the cover and the world was shocked to find out that she was actually transgender. But given the way she looks, a magazine cover is where she deserves to shine. She became the first transgender model who signed a contract with Victoria's Secret.

Ines Rau

She is the first transgender model to pose for the cover of Playboy. This happened in 2017. Ines was born in France, and she does not regret her choice. She feels complete and she is happy to live in a tolerant environment.

Laverne Cox

She starred in Orange is the New Black, earning her the first Emmy Award nomination of a transgender person. An interesting detail - she has a twin brother who played Laverne's character before the gender transition.

Source: vbox7.com

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