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Why do we use the term of pride?

Why Do We Use the Term of Pride?

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26.10.2023 16:13

For about half a century, debates have been going around on what the term of pride should hold. The issues mostly touch commercialization, police and the distortion of public opinion.

The root cause of these debates was the New York police raid on the Stonewall Bar on 28 June 1969. The bar was known mainly for being visited by gays and lesbians, and by other people with more unusual sexual desires. In response to the attempted arrests, activists in New York set up Gay Pride, right next to Central Park. There are a number of articles in the American media about the Stonewall Rebellion or Uprising.

Why Do We Use the Term of Pride?

We can see the consequences of this today. June is the month of Pride in the USA and traditionally in the sixth month of the year there are gay prides in dozens of countries around the world.

Pride, for people of a different sexual orientation, means, among other things, "a proper or dignified sense of what is due to yourself or your position or character." By adopting this term, the LGBTQ+ community asserts its right to exist freely and without shame or censorship.

Not all activists are OK with the use of the term Pride though, despite the push mainly from Gen Y and Z. Trans activist Slivia Rivera, specifically, has advocated for a stronger "Gay Power" slogan

There are also activists against the commercialization of pride. This term refers to companies using Pride events as an opportunity to make money instead of offering help to the LGBT community.

Some in the LGBT community feel it is inappropriate to have police at Pride given the history of Stonewall and the controversy regarding police violence as a whole.

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