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Anger! How Can We Drive away That Feeling?

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12.12.2023 11:00

Anger is an emotion that everyone experiences at times and it easily turns into aggression. In the age of social media, it is very important for Gen Z to know how to manage anger because it can escalate even a harmless online conversation. Anger is not actually something bad in itself. It is quite natural to feel anger or frustration. However, how we express these feelings is important.

To deal with anger, first we should recognize the signs of its emergence - a quickening of the pulse, a rising tone of the voice, a feeling of anxiety. At this point, you should admit to yourself that you are angry.

Anger! How Can We Drive away That Feeling?

Next, you need to identify the cause of the anger. It may be directly caused by a certain situation. But it may be caused by a completely different reason and trying to burst out. Recognizing the causes of anger can spare unnecessary conflicts for a person, especially with those closest to them. There is no point in getting into conflict with the people you love because you are exhausted or had a bad day.

To avoid escalation, it is important to think through anger in a rational way and not just follow your emotions. Thinking about something other than what is causing the anger can quickly calm the situation. If you feel yourself losing your temper, simply step back from the situation until you feel calm again.

Physical activity is also a way to deal with anger, especially if it builds up as a result of reasons beyond our control. Doing exercise, running, different sports or even a simple walk can calm the mind. Sharing your problems and what angers and frustrates you with another person is a very good way to release tension. Overwork can also lead to feelings of anger. So, it is important to take enough time to relax.

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