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How Can Anger Make you Sick?

How Can Anger Make you Sick?

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19.09.2023 13:49

The most important thing for Gen Z to remember is that anger is not the solution to any problem. On the contrary - it can only deepen it. Anger in itself is not necessarily a problem.

Anger can be healthy because not only it can alert us to problems, but it can also motivate us to make changes. However, everything depends on whether we are able to control it within moderate limits. When we are stressed, we may more often perceive a situation as threatening and this can more easily trigger anger. Factors that contribute to stress, such as threats to social standing, emotional well-being, or too many demands, can also lead to anger.

Anger that is not manageable in a healthy way can be harmful to health as it leads to greater levels of stress. Uncontrolled anger can lead to major health problems. So, it is important to pay attention to feelings of anger when they are mild in order to assess where they come from and rationally decide the best course of action to take.

Here are some things you should do:

Try to calm down.

Many techniques used to manage stress can help anger management, such as breathing exercises and shifting your focus for a few minutes. We recommend a very old tactic that works well for Gen Z. When you are very angry, count to 10 and then react.

Identify the cause of your anger.

Sometimes there is a lot that has built up and the reason for our anger is just the last straw. To identify the cause of your anger, it may be helpful to write down about your feelings in a diary, talk to a close friend about your feelings, or seek the help of a good therapist. Some people have chronic anger problems. If you think you could use more support with anger management, discussing your thoughts and feelings with a therapist can be extremely helpful, not only in dealing with specific anger issues, but also in creating an anger and stress management plan in a healthy way.

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