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Greta Thunberg acts again. This time, in front of Riksdag

Greta Thunberg acts again. This time, in front of Riksdag

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Oliwia Ruta,
12.03.2024 14:00

Greta Thunberg and other activists blocked the main entrance to the Swedish Parliament, preventing politicians from entering the building.

Greta Thunberg is an internationally recognised young climate activist from Sweden for her determination and commitment to environmental action. She was born on 3 January 2003 in Stockholm. As a child, she started organising school strikes under the slogan 'Fridays for Future'. This is how she first gained recognition among climate activists.

Her protests involved standing in front of the Swedish parliament every Friday instead of attending class and demanding visible movements to curb climate change. She inspired thousands of young people worldwide, who have also started to organise similar strikes and demonstrations.

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Greta Thunberg has repeatedly spoken at major international conferences such as the UN Climate Summit and the World Economic Forum in Davos, where she called for urgent action to save the planet from climate catastrophe.

Greta Thunberg protests outside Swedish parliament

On March 11th, Greta Thunberg and dozens of other activists staged a protest by blocking the main entrance to the Swedish parliament. The occupation protest was initiated early in the morning to draw attention to the harmful effects of climate change. The demonstration made it difficult for politicians to enter the building, as the activists were protesting their lack of action on climate change. As a result, the city authorities had to use side entrances to gain access to the building.

We feel like we have no other choice but to try new, different methods in order to get our voices heard

- Greta Thunberg pointed out.

"Sweden is unfortunately not unique in completely ignoring the climate crisis, not treating it as an emergency at all. But actively trying to greenwash, deceive and lie in order to make it seem like they are doing enough and that they are moving in the right direction, when in fact the exact opposite is happening," Thunberg told the Guardian.

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The police had to step in. Officers forcibly removed the activist from in front of the entrance to the Swedish Parliament.

Thunberg explains why she organised the protest

Greta cited her feeling that "the people in power are ignoring the most affected and activists and young people and the science". She accused politicians of instead "prioritising short-term economic profits", which she said was "sacrificing human life and the planet in the name of greed".

The protest's gravity was emphasised by the fact that it occurred on a significant day for the Swedes. On March 11, several key politicians from the country attended a celebration in Brussels to mark Sweden's accession to NATO. Was the date chosen for the demonstration intentional?

Source: Polsat News

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