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Eurovision 2024: Greta Thunberg attends anti-Israel protests in Malmö

Eurovision 2024: Greta Thunberg attends anti-Israel protests in Malmö

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Natalia Witulska,
10.05.2024 12:15

The second semi-final of Eurovision took place on Thursday, 9 May, in Malmö, Sweden. During the event, a large group of protesters gathered outside the arena to express their disapproval of the Israeli singer's performance. Environmental activist Greta Thunberg also attended and shared her thoughts on the matter.

On Thursday, 9 May, the second semi-final of the 68th Eurovision Song Contest took place in Malmö, Sweden. However, the event was marred by protests from several thousand people who disagreed with the organisers' decision to allow the Israeli representative to participate. The protestors' main concern was that Israel's military was involved in an ongoing war in the Middle East and was killing innocent civilians.

Hostility towards Israel's contestant was evident during rehearsals on Wednesday, 8 May. The concert organisers shared videos on social media showing Eden Golan, the Israeli singer, receiving thunderous applause and support. However, during the actual event in the Malmö arena, most people in attendance were booing, whistling, and shouting for the artist to leave.

Anti-Israeli protests at Eurovision

When war broke out in Ukraine, Russia was denied the opportunity to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. When Israel started bombing innocent people in the Gaza Strip in Palestine, the same was expected, and many people demanded that from the organisers. However, this was not the case. Israel was allowed to present its song in the Malmö arena.

Many people anticipated that there might be protests in Sweden when the Eurovision organisers announced that Israel would take part in the concert. As expected, on Thursday, 9 May, a large number of people, Greta Thunberg included, gathered in front of the Malmö arena with banners carrying pro-Palestinian slogans. The protesters chanted that genocide was taking place in Gaza, and some even tried to force their way into the fan village. The police had to intervene to control the situation.

Despite the protests, none of the protesters were able to get close to Eden Golan, the Israeli singer. The secret service heavily guards her, and she is driven around the Swedish city of Malmö in limousines. She is always escorted by helicopters and motorbikes. Some of the other Eurovision participants have not received this well. The person representing Ireland and a singer from the Netherlands have criticised the contest organisers for this.

Source: rmf24.pl, forsal.pl

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