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What Will ChatGPT Do to Our Brains?

What Will ChatGPT Do to Our Brains?

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19.09.2023 17:55

In recent months ChatGPT has made a big splash, turning into a favorite tool of many adolescents, as well as Gen Z. But what is ChatGPT? According to its own description, which you can find on the internet, ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot developed by OpenAI.

ts goal is to give human-like answers when asked questions or is given tasks. ChatGPT could even write this article as long as it has been "asked", but that would be a little weird, wouldn't it?

What Will ChatGPT Do to Our Brains?

ChatGPT is extremely useful as long as it is used correctly. It can help with work tasks, and it can even be a tool for learning new things or just for fun. If you wish, you can write a song with its help, and you can also organize your next trip.

However, many experts consider ChatGPT to be a double-edged knife. It deals with many of the tedious and seemingly unnecessary tasks we have, but the concern with ChatGPT and other AI assistants is that at some point our abilities will diminish. Simply said - we will become lazy, not only us, but our brains. Imagine not having to communicate on a daily basis, not having to organize your meetings and travel yourself or write your reports. All this will at some point be great for you as it saves you effort, but what development will it bring? It has been proven that our brains can forget certain skills, such as arithmetic, multiplication, and replace them with others. What is important is what we "feed" our brain with.

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