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What Is Aggression and How to Recognize It?

What Is Aggression and How to Recognize It?

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19.09.2023 13:53

Every person, more or less, manifests aggression. However, when it becomes widespread or extreme, it may be a sign of an underlying mental illness.

Aggression is behavior that can lead to physical and psychological harm to yourself or others. It can serve a number of different purposes, such as expressing anger or hostility, gaining dominance, threatening, achieving a certain goal, etc.

What Is Aggression and How to Recognize It?

The way you were raised can play a role in whether you have aggressive behavior. Children who grow up in an environment of aggression may be more inclined to believe that violence and hostility are normal and socially acceptable. Experiencing trauma in childhood can also lead to aggressive behavior in later development. Unbridled anger can negatively affect your health and relationships with your family.

With enough effort, most people can learn to curb their anger and deal with challenges and difficulties in a more constructive way. Having an anger management plan in place will be helpful when your emotions get out of control. This plan should necessarily include a mechanism to reduce stress levels. Gen Z should be aware that if someone behaves aggressively, it is important to protect their own mental health and physical safety. First of all - try to keep calm and cool. Avoid escalating the conflict and move away to a safe place. If you experience pressure from an intimate partner, watch out for warning signs that the relationship is becoming dangerous. In such a situation, you should seek help.

If you are overly aggressive, seeking professional help can be extremely beneficial. Anger management classes can help you learn how to respond to strong emotions and how to manage aggression in a healthy and safe way.

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