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Is a fitness tracker running your life?

Can you get addicted to your fitness tracker?

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28.06.2023 17:01

Although aimed at improving personal balance and a healthy lifestyle, these devices can also do some harm. And of course it is not about a wound or injury, it is about mental harassment.

Technology and sport have become extremely intertwined in recent years, perhaps a decade. As a natural element of this, devices such as smart watches and fitness trackers have also appeared, which monitor daily indicators such as heart rate, steps and so on.

If you check your step count in the evening or keep track on a flawless and controlled heart rate, you might have a slight problem. If you neglect your normal daily routine or become more irritable when you look at the tracker, you may also have a problem. Even if you hang out with friends less often. And this problem is called mental discomfort, which in this case is tracker addiction.

Experts recommend that if you find yourself becoming addicted to your fitness tracker or smartwatch, you can take a few simple steps to limit its effects. First of all, two things are advisable - have a clear and achievable exercise plan, and also start with less (regardless of sets, steps, distance or whatever you measure).

According to quite a lot of studies, people who use such devices (quite typical of Gen Z, by the way), supporting their training, give up the technique at some point. The reason is most often demotivation. Not seeing your own goal fulfilled leads to personal doubts, and thus a lack of enjoyment from sports.

A fitness tracker can be a useful tool when used correctly, but people are happier when indulging their own whims and pushing their own bars, not those set by modern technology.

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