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 Use this small trick for your brain and you will stop worrying

Use this small trick for your brain and you will stop worrying

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30.05.2023 18:33

Anxiety and worrying may affect not only the elderly, but also Gen Z. These emotions make a person feel bad, and when we add the common experience of incidents and events, the consequences can really be serious - sleep disorders, mental and physical problems.

How to control our worries and reduce anxiety? Each of us may have noticed that when our attention is focused only on the present moment, there is no room for worries. Usually we get worried about past events or things to come. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to take away all other thoughts out of your mind and stay focused on the moment. Actually, anxiety is a protective function that helps us anticipate dangerous situations, that is why it is so hard to ignore it.

Use this small trick for your brain and you will stop worrying

There are people who are absolutely obsessed with thinking and analysis and this confuses them even further. They re-live what has happened countless times and begin to regret some of the things and blame themselves for others. Such flashbacks, however, are the foundation for the development of depression and anxiety. Worrying involves negative thoughts about things that might happen, but might not happen either. All that "eats up" the energy of a person and contributes to the accumulation of stress.

However, there is a way to drive away intrusive negative thoughts and that is the technique of awareness. It helps us distance ourselves from them and be more present in the moment. Awareness can be practiced during routine activities - feeling the wind in the morning, listening attentively to birds, or focusing on our own breathing. One of the best tools for practicing presence is mindfulness, which is actually self-awareness at the present moment. Basically, it is an accepting, open and non-judgmental focus on someone's emotional, cognitive, and sensory experience.

Mobile phones, which often take us out of the present moment, can also remind us to go back to it. To do this, reminders are set throughout the day that encourage you to stay in the present moment. When your reminder goes out, focus your mind on "here and now" for 30 seconds leaving aside whatever you are doing. Then ask yourself how you are feeling emotionally and physically and what you are thinking about. Awareness is about acceptance, non-judgment and openness.

You will almost certainly find yourself worrying about the future. So, use these moments as an opportunity to come back to the present moment. Remind yourself that no matter what happens in the future, you can handle it. As you have done so far with everything life has thrown at you. Just practicing this a few times a day should make you feel more present in general, and you will likely notice a reduction in chronic anxiety.

Although there are many ways to slow down and be more present, the key to reducing anxiety is to remember how important it is to do so.


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