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Stop the War on the Roads!

Stop the War on the Roads

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07.09.2023 16:33

"Stop the war on the roads" – this is the statement of Bulgarian citizens after another accident caused by a driver who consumed alcohol. A car driver hit and killed a 15-year-old child on a pedestrian crossing in the center of Sofia.

The incident caused a wave of discontent. Protests organized on social networks ensued in the capital city attended by many young people.

Stop the War on the Roads

Gen Z is a generation that is associated with its active participation in such events. They share information about road safety, warn about risks and share information campaigns for the prevention of road accidents. Some of them share shocking footage in the online space which shows expensive cars and high speeds.

After another killing on the road, the demands of the protesters are for tighter control, as well as tougher punishments and laws.

"The law does not allow repeat offenders to be convicted of a first or second offense. Part of the demands of the protesters were for more adequate infrastructure - bumpers, speed cameras on all boulevards and key streets," said one of the participants in the protest.

To this end, Gen Z plays an important role in shaping the future of the automobile industry, supporting and being part of the development of technology.

Members of this generation create awareness campaigns and educational videos to raise awareness of the dangers on the road.

Some of the educational institutions in Bulgaria provide information on this subject as part of their curriculum.

Source: vbox7.com

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