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New subject to be introduced in Polish schools from September 2024

New subject to be introduced in Polish schools from September 2024

Image source: © Barbara Nowacka / Instagram
Natalia Witulska,
02.07.2024 16:45

On Tuesday, 2 July, Barbara Nowacka held a press conference. The Minister of Education announced that a new subject will be introduced in schools starting September 2024. Teachers have received appropriate training and courses to teach it.

Barbara Nowacka is the Minister of Education in Donald Tusk's third government. When the coalition took power on 15 October, many wondered who would succeed Przemyslaw Czarnek of the Law and Justice party, known for his controversial decisions. Teachers and students hoped for a competent replacement. In December, it was announced that Barbara Nowacka from the Civic Platform would be the new Minister of Education.

Upon assuming her role, Barbara Nowacka immediately faced a busy agenda. She promptly eliminated the subject History and the Present, a project of Przemyslaw Czarnek, which had been seen as a propaganda tool for the Law and Justice party. Additionally, compulsory homework for classes I-III in primary schools was abolished. Plans are also in place to streamline the core curriculum and revise the mandatory reading list. Starting in September 2024, a new subject on first aid will be introduced for students.

First aid classes in Polish schools

Barbara Nowacka has repeatedly emphasised her commitment to ensuring pupils always feel safe. At the beginning of 2024, she announced her intention to introduce first aid classes at all stages of education. To achieve this, she sought assistance from volunteers of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (Polish: Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy, WOŚP), who have conducted numerous courses for teachers. These teachers will then be able to pass this vital knowledge on to their students.

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"Each of us has the potential to help and save lives; we just need to know how. Thanks to our collaboration with WOŚP, more teachers will acquire this knowledge and, importantly, pass it on to young people. I am very pleased that the tangible benefits of our cooperation with NGOs, and the positive impact WOŚP has had in Poland for many years, will now be even more evident in schools," Barbara Nowacka said in an interview with journalists.

"We encourage teachers to join the WOŚP programme on first aid education, which has been in operation for 18 years, and to integrate first aid as a permanent part of the curriculum. We know there is a tremendous response," continued Education Minister Barbara Nowacka.

Source: radiozet.pl

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