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Poland to introduce Ukrainian language in schools

Poland to introduce Ukrainian language in schools

Image source: © Joanna Mucha / Instagram
Natalia Witulska,
28.02.2024 13:15

The Polish Ministry of National Education is currently working on a plan to incorporate Ukrainian children into the education system. According to Joanna Mucha, the ministry's deputy head, this inclusion will take effect from September 2024.

On Thursday, 24 February 2022, an event unfolded that the global community hesitated to accept until it actually started. Russian forces, acting under the directives of President Vladimir Putin, launched an assault on an independent Ukraine. Unfortunately, this armed conflict, now spanning over two years, shows no signs of imminent resolution. Concerted efforts are underway across Europe and the wider world to stand by our eastern neighbour. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski consistently emphasises that his soldiers are defending their homeland and safeguarding other European nations' freedom.

As the conflict erupted in Ukraine, its people sought refuge from the war-torn regions. Poland welcomed over a million refugees, predominantly mothers and children. The youngest among them found themselves enrolled in Polish primary and secondary schools. Now, two years after the conflict broke out, the Ministry of National Education has devised a comprehensive plan for integrating Ukrainian children into the Polish education system. These details were disclosed by Joanna Mucha, the ministry’s deputy head.

Ukrainian children in the Polish education system

On Tuesday, 27 February, the Deputy Minister of Education, Joanna Mucha, provided an update on the Polish education system. She revealed that approximately 60,000 Ukrainian children will be included in the system starting September 2024. The deputy head of the ministry emphasised that the objective of this plan is not to Polonize the children.

"We are not able to verify how compulsory education for these children is implemented in the online Ukrainian system. We are fully aware that these are very large groups. We have to take into account that some of the children will stay in Poland for longer, so they have the right to education, and we are therefore obliged to provide this education to them," said Deputy Education Minister Joanna Mucha.

Deputy Minister of Education Joanna Mucha emphasised that the Ministry of National Education plans to teach the Ukrainian language and issues related to European integration in the curriculum. She stated that children from Ukraine should not be deprived of access to education, something that is currently happening.

Access to education for Ukrainian children

Polska 2050 MP Joanna Mucha was asked by journalists when the MEN plan would come into force. The MP said that it would definitely come into force in September 2024. She added that this was still "two years too late".

As we read on samorzad.pap.pl, when asked whether schools were ready for it, also in the context of the teacher shortage, Joanna Mucha said that there was "not the slightest doubt" that it was "a challenge for the Polish education system". She also stressed that Ukrainian children have not had access to proper education for four years and are working online all because of a pandemic and then the outbreak of war.

Joanna Mucha, who is also the Polska 2050 party member, was questioned by journalists about the MEN plan and when it would come into effect. The MP responded that it would be implemented in September 2024, but she also mentioned that it was two years too late.

According to samorzad.pap.pl, Joanna Mucha was also asked about the readiness of schools for the MEN plan, particularly in light of the teacher shortage. She acknowledged that it is a challenge for the Polish education system and emphasised that Ukrainian children have been deprived of proper education due to the pandemic and war, forcing them to study online for the past four years.

Source: samorzad.pap.pl

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