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Lubnauer unveils plan for upcoming changes in Polish schools

Lubnauer unveils plan for upcoming changes in Polish schools

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Natalia Witulska,
12.03.2024 13:30

On Monday, 10 March, Katarzyna Lubnauer, the deputy head of the Ministry of National Education, informed journalists that public consultations regarding changes to the core curriculum are scheduled for mid-April.

The Ministry of National Education's staff and employees have been busy lately. They have been working on revising the required reading list, seeking input from young people on the topic of the Matura and eighth-grade exams, and explaining the benefits of eliminating homework in grades one to three of primary schools. On 10 March, Katarzyna Lubnauer spoke to reporters during her visit to Poznaล„, where she discussed the exciting topic of changes to the core curriculum. She also announced the expected timeline for the modifications.

Katarzyna Lubnauer is a Polish politician, mathematician, and university teacher with a doctorate in mathematics. From 2017 to 2019, she was the chairwoman of the Nowoczesna party and a member of the Sejm for the eighth, ninth, and tenth terms. Since December 2023, she has been Deputy Minister of Education with the rank of Secretary of State in the government of Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

Katarzyna Lubanuer on changes to the core curriculum

The Ministry of Education's head, Barbara Nowacka, has been vocal about her plans to streamline the core curriculum since the start of her tenure. This is because she and her team believe that students are overburdened and often learn irrelevant subjects in school. Recently, Katarzyna Lubnauer, the deputy head of the Ministry of Education, addressed the announcement.

As a reminder, in February 2024, the Ministry of Education held a pre-consultation regarding changes to the general education curriculum, which would come into effect in the new academic year. According to radiozet.pl, the Ministry received over 50,000 comments, primarily regarding proposed subjects such as Polish, history, biology, and knowledge of society.

Changes to the core curriculum

In February, experts participated in pre-consultations for changes to the core curriculum. They provided an outline of the expected modifications. As reported by radiozet.pl, the topic of the Wielkopolska Uprising of 1918-1919 and its significance for the rebirth of the Polish state and defence of its independence in 1920 would be removed from the core curriculum of secondary and technical schools.

However, the experts have reassured that the process of shaping the Polish border with Germany, including the Wielkopolska Uprising, the Silesian uprisings and the referendum, will still be taught in schools. This decision was made in response to the Marshal of Wielkopolska's appeal to the Ministry of National Education (MEN) to continue teaching about these events.

Deputy Education Minister Katarzyna Lubanuer stated that a document is currently being drafted for two regulations regarding core curricula and a third regulation for framework teaching plans. This document will be subject to consultation between ministry departments, inter-departmental consultation, and public consultations from around April 16th.

Source: radiozet.pl

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