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“Adopt a Senior Dog” and win up to PLN 1,500

"Adopt a Senior Dog" and win up to PLN 1,500

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Marta Grzeszczuk,
29.01.2024 11:30

Suwałki City Hall has introduced a new initiative to motivate its residents to adopt senior dogs from shelters. As part of the initiative, new carers will be eligible for a subsidy to help cover the costs of caring for the animal.

Later this year, Suwałki City Hall will launch the 'Adopt a Senior Dog' program. The program aims to encourage people to adopt older dogs from the Suwałki shelter. As part of the initiative, those who choose to adopt a senior dog will receive financial support from the city.

PLN 1,500 compensation

Information regarding the campaign has been published on the um.suwalki.pl website. The "Adopt a Senior Dog" program aims to provide a chance for dogs residing in the Suwałki shelter for several years to find a loving home. This opportunity decreases with each passing year, hence the need for this campaign.

Individuals who adopt older dogs and aim to get financial assistance must fulfil the following requirements:

  • Adopters may be eligible for compensation of up to PLN 1,500 to cover costs related to the upkeep of the animal, such as purchasing or building a pen or paying for veterinary procedures.
  • The compensation will be paid after the adopter signs an adoption agreement with the City of Suwałki and provides documentation of the expenses incurred with named invoices or receipts.

The authorities in Suwałki emphasised that irrespective of the financial implications, the welfare of the animals residing in the shelter and the chance for an elderly dog to find a caring owner are of utmost importance. Those who participate in the programme by adopting dogs will be scrutinised to ensure that the animals are being looked after properly.

Source: um.suwalki.pl

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