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Is it worth "going hungry" to lose weight and get a slim figure? Here's what Dr. Mihaela Bilic has to say

Is it worth "going hungry" to lose weight and get a slim figure? Here's what Dr. Mihaela Bilic has to say

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26.09.2023 13:21

What happens to the fat, whether visceral or subcutaneous, when it disappears?

When food is scarce, we have glucose reserves in the liver and muscles. The initial resource utilized is this glucose. To be more precise, there are approximately 600 grams of it. This particular form of glucose, which has a water-like consistency, is known as glycogen.

It's bound, each molecule, to four molecules of water.

Having 600 grams bound to four molecules of water means about 5.5 lbs on the scale, which we lose in the first 2-3 days of fasting.

Many people are happy with the weight loss regimen they have started, full of enthusiasm because they see immediate results.

When we remove sugar and starchy foods from our diet, glycogen is also lost from the liver and muscles. And what then? In 3 days, we lose around 6.61 lbs. We have the impression that it's working. Everything is easy.

Well, not even a gram of fat has melted until now.

Why do I say this? Because most diets end after 3 days, just like any miracle. People say, I'll try it another time. Now, I crave something good.

If we consistently consume minimal external food, the body, whether it prefers it or not, must regulate blood sugar levels and supply energy to the cells.

And where does it get the energy from? It's only at this stage, so to speak, that it starts utilizing the body's fat reserves.

The liver is this amazing organ that knows how to convert stored fat into glucose and send it throughout the body. But it doesn't just take fat; unfortunately, it also takes proteins from the muscles. So don't expect that when you see the lost pounds on the scale, they are all from fat. I would say the opposite.

Fat goes last, meaning the organism, because it considers fat reserves essential for survival, prefers to melt the muscles and keep a bit of fat.

Losing weight is unnatural and unhealthy. But, surprisingly, an organism with the right number of pounds, which is within the normal weight range, is healthier.

So, for the moment, even though losing weight is unhealthy, its results bring us added health.

It is worth going hungry for a figure that falls within the correct medical standards.

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