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Why is it cool to support local businesses?

Why is it cool to support local businesses?

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30.06.2023 15:30

The problems with global warming, pollution and other aspects are getting worse. However, more and more people want to do something about it. Recycling is only part of the solution.

Each of us does shopping but we do not suspect that the choices we make in the store affect our carbon footprint a lot. We have outlined a few ways for you to reduce it by supporting and buying from local businesses.

Buy your vegetables and fruit from local farmers

How often do you think about what soil and chemicals the vegetables you buy from the big supermarket were grown in? Even if you want to find out, there is hardly ever a way to do it. Therefore, one option is to shop at a local farmer's market or directly from people who grow fruit and vegetables. Thus, you will know all the details and find out if the producers use organic methods. This can improve your health, protect you from diseases, and it helps the climate.

Reduce harmful emissions

Gen Z is used to ordering everything online. It is great that you have a chance to order the dress you want and it is not a problem, even if it comes from the other side of the world. But is it so? Think about how much transportation is needed to get what you order on the Internet to you - trains, planes, buses...they all pollute the air with their harmful emissions. This is a wonderful opportunity to go out and check out the small shops around you, surely they also offer a lot of nice clothes and products.

Supporting and strengthening communities

Supporting local businesses helps for the growth of your community. You already know your neighbors, you have their trust, so shop with them and support their businesses. It will pay off for you, too. This way you can get the desired products cheaper and be sure of their quality. When local businesses thrive, it generates additional tax revenue. Municipalities can use these funds to revitalize aging neighborhoods and invest in green initiatives such as improved public transportation systems. It's amazing how far your decisions about how to spend your dollars can go.

Supporting local businesses is not only cool, it is good for you and the environment.

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