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Welsh Government aims to ban politicians from lying

Welsh Government aims to ban politicians from lying

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Natalia Witulska,
04.07.2024 13:45

It is widely known that politicians frequently misrepresent the truth to align their statements with their party's narrative. However, one European government decided to address this issue by drafting a law prohibiting politicians from lying.

Unfortunately, when we think of politics, scandals, scams, and lies often come to mind. Politicians frequently distort facts to fit their narratives. A prime example is Donald Trump, who has been accused of consistently spreading misinformation. In his interviews with journalists, he often cites non-existent facts or manipulates available ones to his advantage, all to sway his supporters.

In Wales, parliamentarians have decided that the lies told by politicians must stop. They concluded it was necessary to draft a groundbreaking law that would impose penalties for spreading false information for personal gain. Surprisingly, this idea was well-received by both the ruling party and the opposition, who unanimously voted in favour.

Lying in politics to be illegal in Wales

Welsh politicians have announced legislation to ban lying in politics, which they claim will be "globally pioneering." MPs enthusiastically embraced the idea, which was successfully voted through without any problems. Mick Antoniw, the Welsh government's counsel general, announced that the law will be introduced before the country's next election.

"The Welsh government will bring forward legislation before 2026 for the disqualification of members and candidates found guilty of deliberate deception, though an independent judicial process," Mick Antoniw told the media.

As reported by rmf24.pl, under the new law, any politician will have 14 days to retract a misleading statement. If they fail to do so, the case will go to court. If the judge finds that the accused lied deliberately, they will face a ban of up to four years from holding parliamentary office.

Source: rmf24.pl

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