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Lodz students to advise local government: Will politicians hear them?

Lodz students to advise local government: Will politicians hear them?

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Maja Kozłowska,
23.01.2024 16:30

The Lodz Student Council is a new advisory body to the local government, consisting of 99 young people representing high schools, technical schools, vocational schools, and trade schools.

It's a common misconception that young people are not interested in politics. However, this is far from the truth. The high turnout of young voters during the October elections and the popularity of parliamentary streams indicate that Gen Z is interested in politics and engaged in it.

Currently, Adam Gomola of Polska2050 is the only representative of our generation in the Sejm, but this will change soon. Many young people are eager to take an active interest in politics, and the establishment of the Lodz Council of Students (mLodziaki) is a prime example.

Comprising 99 male and female students from local high schools and vocational schools, this new advisory body of the Lodz local government represents children's and young people's interests.

The impact of Lodz Gen Z

Two delegates from each school have been appointed to the Lodz Student Council. Their responsibility is to represent the interests and voices of their fellow schoolmates.

"Thank you for your willingness to engage in a conversation about the future of education in Lodz. With the world changing rapidly, we must ensure our students are prepared for the challenges ahead. That's why we want to hear from you about what changes you think should be made to the education system. Your input will be vital in shaping how your peers are educated. We aim to create a safe space for you to discuss your ideas," said Lodz Mayor Hanna Zdanowska, as quoted on the lodz.pl website.

The Lodz Student Council project aims to foster a sense of responsibility, community, and reporting among young people, amplifying Gen Z's voice and treating each individual as unique.

"There are different issues affecting each school. As a result, we have established a group where representatives from various backgrounds can share their opinions and ideas. I am confident that this will lead to many valuable proposals. The students will work in teams, acting on behalf of their peers to improve the quality of education in Lodz schools. We consider them our partners in the discussion about education. Furthermore, we aim to provide the Student Council with an understanding of how local government operates," said Lodz Deputy Mayor Malgorzata Moskwa-Wodnicka.

Young people grow up, old people complain

It seems that not everyone is enthusiastic about the idea of involving Gen Z in the operation of the city's local government. A dispute has broken out on Facebook between supporters and opponents of the concept.

Young people very often can't keep their own rooms in order, let alone manage the city

- writes one Internet user.

To give an opinion on something, one should have education, knowledge, and professional experience and not just like something or want something to be built in a particular place

- adds another.

These commentators seem to believe that the interests of young people will be best taken care of by the older generation, and they are sceptical of Gen Z's competence and desire to participate in the government.

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