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Will Ministry of Equality be set up in Poland? Right-wing politicians are against

Will Ministry of Equality be set up in Poland? Right-wing politicians are against

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Natalia Witulska,
08.12.2023 11:30

Donald Tusk's government is considering the introduction of the Ministry of Equality, to be led by Katarzyna Kotula from the Left Party. Right-wing politicians are criticising the proposal on social media.

A new government is expected to be formed in Poland on Wednesday, 13 December. Prime Minister Donald Tusk will head the new government. According to media reports, there are rumours that the Ministry of Equality will be created, which will be responsible for safeguarding the rights of women, minorities, people with disabilities, and citizens. The proposed ministry will be led by Katarzyna Kotula from the Left. However, this idea has not been well-received by some prominent politicians on the right.

Right-wing politicians not fond of the new ministry

When news of a possible Ministry of Equality began to appear in the media, right-wing politicians were quick to comment on it. Two posts were widely discussed, those by Zbigniew Ziobro and Janusz Korwin-Mikke. It seems that the gentlemen do not understand what equality is all about.

"We are supposed to have a new Ministry of Equality led by the Left party. I understand that under this ministry, officials will go from door to door with a whistle in their mouths and survey the state of equality in Polish homes. They will order women to move refrigerators and men to mend socks?" - wrote Janusz Korwin-Mikke.

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We want to emphasise the meaning of equality. It doesn't mean that women should take up men's typical jobs and men should take up women's specific jobs. Rather, it means that everyone should have the freedom to pursue the job they desire. If a girl wants to work in construction and has the ability to do so, she should be given the opportunity. Similarly, if a man wants to work as a make-up artist or a nurse, he should be allowed to pursue that profession.

Furthermore, equality also encompasses fair and equitable treatment. All Polish citizens should feel that they are treated equally under the law. Discrimination and hate speech based on religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation must be banned. It can be assumed that the Ministry of Equality will focus on addressing these issues.

Zbigniew Ziobro on the new government's idea

Prosecutor Zbigniew Ziobro, like Janusz Korwin-Mikke, is also concerned about creating the new ministry. The politician fears that Prime Minister Tusk's government will forcefully shorten high people and stretch low ones.

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"Supposedly, there is to be a Ministry of Equality. Apparently, it's not a fake. I wonder whether the tall ones will be shortened by a head or the short ones stretched on a wheel." - wrote Zbigniew Ziobro on X (Twitter).

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