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Uncertain fate of dachshunds. Is German government considering breeding ban?

Uncertain fate of dachshunds. Is German government considering breeding ban?

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Natalia Witulska,
29.03.2024 15:45

Sausage dog enthusiasts are concerned about potential changes in Germany's dog breeding regulations. A proposed new law could prohibit the breeding of dachshunds, causing outrage among our Western neighbours who are resisting the legislation.

The issue of breeding dogs with genetic diseases is a topic that often comes up in public conversations. Animal rights activists argue that creating new breeds and selling them is immoral and inhumane, as these animals frequently suffer from health issues. One example is the modified French bulldogs, which struggle with breathing problems and pain throughout their lives.

The German authorities are considering implementing a new animal protection law. The proposed legislation aims to provide greater protection to animals with genetic defects and ban the breeding of dog breeds with skeletal abnormalities across the country. However, breeders are concerned that the new rules could extend to dachshunds due to their unique shape, which can make them prone to spinal defects.

The end of German dachshund breeding?

German dog breeders are protesting against the introduction of new rules that they fear will extend to owning perfectly healthy breeds. These breeds have a distinctive body structure and sometimes a skeletal problem. The breeders are particularly concerned about dachshunds since many Germans consider them part of the country's cultural heritage.

The Ministry of Agriculture has addressed the issue and assured the public that dachshunds are safe and in no danger. The spokesperson for the Ministry, in an interview with the BBC, stressed that only "torture breeding," which involves genetically modifying animals so that they are born with incurable defects, will not be allowed. He added that it is not yet known when the new legislation will come into force.

Petition on dachshunds

According to a report on radiozet.pl, the German Kennel Association is concerned about the vagueness of the upcoming regulations, which may lead to misinterpretation when identifying certain symptoms or canine silhouettes as genetic defects. In response, the organisation has launched a petition addressed to the government, which has already garnered 15,000 signatures. The petition calls for more specific guidelines on which dog breeds will be prohibited in Germany.

Source: radiozet.pl

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