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Silent march against violence to honour 25-year-old Liza

Silent march against violence to honour 25-year-old Liza

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Natalia Witulska,
05.03.2024 11:15

On Wednesday, 6 March, a solemn march against violence will wind through the streets of Warsaw. Organised by the Kraina Foundation, this poignant event aims to commemorate Liza, a 25-year-old woman who was raped, beaten, and suffocated. Despite her valiant struggle for survival in the hospital over several days, tragically, her life could not be saved.

The tragedy unfolded on the night of February 25/26. A young woman named Liza, originally from Belarus, became the victim of a brutal attack. As she walked home alone, her life took a horrifying turn. A man, masked and armed with a knife, seized Liza and dragged her to a nearby gate, where he subjected her to unspeakable violence. The assailant was identified as 23-year-old Dorian S., a resident of Warsaw.

Liza was found unconscious and beaten on the stairs at 47 Żurawia Street. The caretaker discovered her, promptly notifying the police. Rushed to the hospital, Liza fought for her life for several days. Tragically, on Friday, March 1, the doctors confirmed her passing, marking the devastating end to her struggle against the brutality she endured.

"The assailant cornered his victim from behind and put a knife to her neck. Choking the woman and blocking her mouth, he forcibly dragged her to a nearby gate. She was found naked and unconscious, lying on the steps. A few minutes after answering the call from the caretaker who found her, police officers arrived at the scene of the crime and called an ambulance. The police officers provided the injured woman with pre-medical assistance until it arrived," reads the police press release.

March against violence after Liza's tragic death

The news sent shockwaves through the public, but even more disturbing was the inaction of several alleged witnesses. Despite the severity of the assault, no one came to the girl’s aid or even called the police. Perhaps if someone had promptly contacted the relevant authorities, the young Belarusian girl’s life could have been saved.

In response to the tragic death of Liza, the Kraina Foundation is organising a silent march against violence. This solemn event will occur on Wednesday, 6 March, at 6 p.m. at 47 Żurawia Street—the very location where the horrific assault occurred.

"On Wednesday, March 6, at 6 pm, we are meeting at 47 Żurawia Street to commemorate Lizaveta and protest against violence. We don't want to be afraid when we walk alone. Lizaveta walked alone. Now, we all must walk together. Our righteous anger is needed. Dress in black and commemorate Lizaveta with dignity. If you can’t be there, please share the information about the protest," reads the Kraina Foundation's Facebook page.

Dorian S., the suspect in this harrowing case, will remain in custody for three months. His previous run-ins with the law include arrests related to drug possession and theft. However, the charges he now faces are far more grave: robbery, a sexual offence, and attempted murder with a dangerous weapon. Given the tragic outcome of Liza’s ordeal, it’s likely that the nature of the act will be reclassified.

Hotline for Women Experiencing Sexual Violence

Startling data collected by Amnesty International reveals a grim reality: one in 20 women in Poland has experienced rape, while one in three has faced sexual harassment. Tragically, the conviction rate for perpetrators remains dishearteningly low, with only one in 100 raped women achieving justice.

Remember: You are never alone. The Feminoteka Foundation has established a dedicated help centre for women who have survived sexual assault. If you need support, reach out to them at 888 88 33 88.

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