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'Prawo Marcina' YouTube channel criticised for fighting against energy drinks sale

'Prawo Marcina' YouTube channel criticised for fighting against energy drinks sale

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Maja Kozłowska,
05.01.2024 13:45

Marcin Kruszewski, who runs the 'Prawo Marcina' YouTube channel, received backlash from internet users claiming that he is to blame for banning the sale of energy drinks to children.

Marcin Kruszewski is an internet-based lawyer who goes by the name ‘Prawo Marcina’ (‘Marcin’s Law’ in English). He runs a channel where he provides legal education and answers questions from his viewers. He has gained popularity for various reasons, including a feud with Judge Anna Maria Wesołowska, which ended in a formal partnership between the two.

He has explained why teachers cannot confiscate personal belongings of young people, defended unfairly graded high school graduates, discussed dress code rules in schools, and clarified that minors can also purchase non-alcoholic beverages (marketed as "0% drinks").

Kruszewski criticised for his opinion on energy drinks

Starting from 1 January 2024, selling energy drinks to individuals under 18 years old in Poland is no longer legal. To buy these popular drinks, one must present a photo identification document. The vending machines, schools, and other educational institutions have stopped selling the drinks.

The opinions regarding this law are divided. Some people are in favour of the ban, citing the highly addictive nature of these drinks. However, others anticipate the emergence of a flourishing black market and criticise cashiers who refuse to sell to minors.

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The ‘Prawo Marcina’ YouTube channel covered the new regulations for purchasing energy drinks but unexpectedly received accusations from children blaming the channel for the law. The author received private messages filled with accusations and comments expressing disappointment.

‘Marcin’s Law’ response

Marcin Kruszewski has recently shared a video where he talks about some of the ridiculous messages he had received. In the video, he emphasised that creating laws is not his job. Instead, his role is to translate and explain the legislation and provide his opinion if necessary.

"I've been receiving many comments and DMs lately asking me why energy drinks will no longer be available. Some people are even blaming me for it, which reminds me of the comments I received from older generations when I shared information about drinking 0% beer before the age of 18. However, I have no control over these things and am not a politician who makes laws. Please don't think badly of me," Kruszewski says.

According to Kruszewski, he has already seen some parents buying energy drinks for their children, which raised doubts about the validity and enforcement of the ban on the sale of energy drinks to people under 18.

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