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Police surprised as all drivers found sober: A rare occurrence on Polish roads

Police surprised as all drivers found sober: A rare occurrence on Polish roads

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Marta Grzeszczuk,
10.04.2024 15:30

Police in Zabrze conducted sobriety tests on over 2,000 drivers on Monday, 8 April. To their surprise, none of the tested drivers were found to be under the influence of alcohol.

The website 24zabrze.pl reported that during the "Sobriety" police action on Monday, 8 April, out of 2,000 drivers tested, all were found to be sober.

All drivers tested in Zabrze were sober

According to a recent report, the Zabrze Municipal Police Station conducted a major operation to test drivers for alcohol consumption. Surprisingly, all of the over 2,000 drivers who were tested turned out to be sober. Sebastian Bijok, the press officer of the Zabrze Municipal Police Station, commented on the situation, saying, "During such operations, police officers usually catch at least some people driving under the influence of alcohol. However, this time, the drivers who were tested in our city were all sober."

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Can taking away cars help prevent drunk driving?

Many people have commented on social media that the lack of drink-driving incidents in Zabrze is a testament to the success of the new regulations implemented on March 14. These regulations, which stipulate that any person found driving with over 1.5 per mile of alcohol in their blood will have their vehicle confiscated by the police, have proven to be effective. In just three weeks of the new law being enforced, 480 cars have been seized across Poland, a clear indication of the impact of these measures.

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The coalition government recently announced a change to the existing regulations regarding car confiscation. The change is aimed at preventing the outright seizure of vehicles. Under the new rules, the forfeiture of a car will be decided by the court on a case-by-case basis. According to the government's list of works, these draft amendments are expected to be adopted by June 2024. However, they have not yet been published in the Government Legislation Centre.

Police data reveals a staggering number of over 95,600 drivers who were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in 2023, averaging 262 cases of drunk-driving each day. However, there is a concern among legal experts that owners of impounded cars may exploit the system by delaying their cases in court to take advantage of the new, more lenient legislation.

Source: Rzeczpospolita

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