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All-Polish Youth mocks Rafal Trzaskowski with ‘Christian-free zone’ banner

All-Polish Youth mocks Rafal Trzaskowski with ‘Christian-free zone’ banner

Image source: © Piętka Mieszko / AKPA, X
Natalia Witulska,
05.07.2024 10:00

On Thursday, July 4, a post appeared on the All-Polish Youth's X profile. Members of the organisation went to Warsaw City Hall and hung a banner with the inscription ‘Christian-free zone’ on the gate. This action was a response to a controversial ordinance signed by Rafał Trzaskowski.

The All-Polish Youth (Młodzież Wszechpolska) is a Polish youth organisation with right-wing, conservative, nationalist, and Eurosceptic beliefs. According to the union's official website, it considers itself the ideological successor to the National Camp, particularly following the political philosophy of Roman Dmowski and other proponents of the national idea. Members of the All-Polish Youth prioritise serving God and the homeland.

In mid-May 2024, Warsaw's Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski signed a controversial ordinance. The Civic Platform politician decided that all religious symbols should be removed from the walls of the City Hall. This includes the absence of crosses within the building. Additionally, Trzaskowski ordered that all visitors should be referred to using their preferred pronouns, which was seen as a move in support of the LGBT community. This decision received backlash from conservative groups.

All-Polish Youth versus Rafał Trzaskowski

Rafał Trzaskowski's decision to remove crosses from the City Hall sparked discontent among the Confederation, the Law and Justice party (PiS), and the All-Polish Youth. Activists from the latter went to the mayor's office and staged a demonstration, hanging a banner that read "Christian-free zone" on the gate. This act mirrored activist Bart Staszewski's protest, where he hung up banners and distributed leaflets about ‘LGBT-free zones’ in response to discriminatory resolutions during PiS rule.

"Recently, the mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski, signed an ordinance banning the display of crosses in offices and preventing officials from showing religious symbols, all in the name of ideological interests. Similar absurdities occur in countries where power is held by liberal-left 'elites'. In the UK, 'prayer bans' have been introduced outside abortion clinics, and British schools are also starting to face such restrictions," reads the All-Polish Youth’s post on X.

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"The fight against the Christian religion and the hostility towards anything connected with faith stem from the belief that Catholicism poses a significant threat to the decadent and amoral 'values' propagated by the liberal left. A strong Christian identity and tradition form the foundation of our civilisation and hinder the development of moral liberalism," the post concludes.

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