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Łukasz Litewka's “dog fences”. You too can join the campaign

Łukasz Litewka's "dog fences". You too can join the campaign

Image source: © Instagram, canva
Natalia Witulska,
13.09.2023 14:00

Lukasz Litewka is a candidate for the Sejm from the Left Party lists. During the election campaign, the aspiring politician decided to give a voice to the voiceless. He started a local initiative, reminding people how many dogs are waiting for adoption in shelters.

Łukasz Litewka is a 30-year-old candidate for the Sejm from the Left Party's (Polish: Lewica) list in Sosnowiec. The activist is running an original election campaign, which local residents can become part of. What are the politician's "dog fences" about?

Łukasz Litewka's "dog fences"

The election campaign is underway. On 15 October, Poles will decide whether the United Right (Polish: Zjednoczona Prawica) will remain in power or whether we will have a new government. Politicians are trying hard to win the sympathy of citizens in various ways. Łukasz Litewka's idea is to conquer social media, and Internet users are delighted.

Łukasz Litewka decided to place images of dogs from a shelter waiting to be adopted. The politician is calling on citizens to make their fences available to him. He will then hang posters of the cute four-legged animals on them.

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Are you from Sosnowiec, Dąbrowa Górnicza, Jaworzno, Będzin or Zawiercie? You can write to Łukasz Litewka and make your fence available to him. In this way, the politician wants to encourage as many people as possible to adopt dogs.

Łukasz Litewka has recently shared a message on Instagram from a female voter. It turns out that people are really happy with the politician's adoption campaign. Also those who have so far not voted for the Left.

"Your idea has mobilised me to finally change my polling station to Sosnowiec according to where I live. Even though I don't exactly go along with the Left, for the first time in my life I will cast a vote for a specific person - it's a better feeling than the one after a ‘standard anti-PiS vote’. PS: This week I am adopting a dog from the Sosnowiec shelter. I met Dora on familiarisation walks with him - a wonderful dog," reads the message Łukasz Litewka received.

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