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Backlash in Japan after Australian tourist records video in women-only space

Backlash in Japan after Australian tourist records video in women-only space

Image source: © TikTok, canva
Natalia Witulska,
11.09.2023 15:30

A tourist from Australia shared a TikTok where he showed what shocked him about Japan. One of those things included travelling by the underground as the man could not comprehend that one carriage was for women only. Worse still, he entered it without a second thought.

A TikTok video went viral after a tourist from Australia broke the rules for using the underground. The man knew that one of the train carriages was for women only. Despite this, he entered it, recorded a video there and made those inside feel very uncomfortable.

Another TikTok user going by the handle @elcafejapones responded to the Australian tourist's video. He criticised the man and explained the importance of respecting the rules and culture of the country one is visiting.

Australian tourist under criticism

Travelling brings so many new experiences to the table. We are able to get to know new cultures, taste food we have not eaten before or see breathtaking landscapes. However, it is worth remembering that you should always respect the place you are currently in. A good idea is to read about the culture of the country or watch a video on YouTube. You should do everything you can to avoid offending natives with your behaviour.

These rules have evidently been forgotten by TikTok user @ShearingShedVlogs. The man recorded a video of himself using the underground. On one of the carriages, he noticed a sign saying "women only". Probably any other person would immediately grasp the idea that this is a place where men are not allowed. It turned out that for the Australian, the concept of such a simple rule proved too difficult.

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A tourist from Australia entered a carriage designated for women only. The footage shows that people he recorded there did not feel comfortable with his presence. It turned out that the man did not understand what this kind of place was all about. Indeed, underneath the video, he wrote that Japan was the last country where he would expect "gender segregation". It appears the Australian really thought that women couldn't take seats in other carriages...

Criticism of Australian tourist's video

Another TikTok user, @elcafejapones, decided to respond to the Australian tourist’s video. The Japanese man stressed that he no longer lives in his home country, but had to speak out. He also said there are many things to criticise about Japan, but the positives should also be emphasised.

"You knew it was a women-only carriage, and you went in there anyway. You broke the rules, you violated the women's space. Do you know why we have this kind of carriages in Japan? Because there are a lot of strange men in this country. They stand behind the women in the carriages and take pictures of their underwear. There have been many cases of them even attacking defenceless women on the underground. This is a very serious problem," said the Japanese.

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"This is a very serious problem and you dare to call it segregation. You don't know anything about this country. You came there and did not have the slightest intention to respect our culture and rules. You behaved disrespectfully. I can’t believe people can behave like that," he continued.

Japan is struggling with a problem of strange, often creepy men appearing in public places. Their behaviour towards women, usually associated with taking so-called "upskirt" photos, is reprehensible and unacceptable. This is why special carriages have been designated for women only where they can feel safe. So if you see a sign that says you can't enter, respect it. It really is quite simple.

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