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What to pack when going to a psychiatric ward? TikTok user advises

What to pack when going to a psychiatric ward? TikTok user advises

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Oliwia Ruta,
24.11.2023 11:00

TikToker Aleksandra Florkowska published a guide to staying in a psychiatric ward. How not to get bored while in hospital?

Aleksandra Florkowska runs the "Narodziny wegetarianki" (English: Birth of a Vegetarian) TikTok channel. The girl supports people in their fight with eating disorders and publishes content on self-acceptance and mental health. Recently, another important guide has appeared on her channel.

What you should pack when going to a psychiatric ward?

On 23 November "Narodziny wegetarianki" added a new video on TikTok. The girl prepared a list of things to bring with you when you are to stay in a psychiatric hospital for some time. At the very beginning of the video, the influencer points out that being in a psychiatric ward is perfectly normal. "Chill, it's normal. If you need it, it's not a bad thing," she says. The TikToker also reveals that she herself was a patient of a psychiatric hospital for six months.

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What’s essential according to her? At first she mentions art supplies. The girl points out: "I'd definitely secure myself a load of cross-outs, colouring books, and markers". The influencer confesses that she loved "books with connect 1,000 dots exercises". In addition, her own teddy bear helped her fight her illness, but the TikToker admits that hospital staff sometimes don't allow to bring such toys because of lice risk or the possibility of smuggling dangerous objects in teddys.

The influencer reminds us that no cables of any kind are allowed to be brought into a psychiatric ward, so she advises to stock up on wireless headphones and other equipment. However, it is very common for a hospital to restrict access to telephone. Instead, the girl suggests taking board games and books.

The "Birth of a Vegetarian" channel also touches on the subject of clothing: "this is not a fashion catwalk, but a place where you are supposed to heal". The girl advises stocking up on comfortable tracksuits, warm socks and slippers. She also adds that "any kind of comfort is welcome". The influencer also mentions her favourite mug, which helped her acclimatise to the hospital environment. Ideally, it should be plastic. The last thing on the list is a journal or notebook. Aleksandra Florkowska confesses that writing down her own thoughts was downright therapeutic for her.

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Source: TikTok: Narodziny wegetarianki

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