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Influencers complain of job burnout and lack of support from social media platforms

Influencers complain of job burnout and lack of support from social media platforms

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Anna RusakAnna Rusak,18.12.2023 09:30

Research indicates that almost 80% of influencers suffer from job burnout. Will they ever be able to take a break from creating content?

According to a recent report by marketing platform Awin, influencers face job burnout despite the common belief that working online is easy. Ekipa (The Crew), a popular YouTube group, is not the only one struggling with this issue. Awin conducted research to find out if other influencers are also facing similar problems.

Influencers and job burnout

A study conducted by the Awin platform has revealed that many professionals working in social media experience burnout. As many as 78% of influencers from the United States and the United Kingdom who work with the platform report facing problems in this area. Regarding the severity of the problem, 48% sometimes feel burnt out, while 30% often feel this way.

Compared to other social media content creators, the problem seems to affect Instagram influencers the most. As many as 71% of the platform's influencers admit feeling burnt out, while the figure stands at 39% among TikTokers.

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What makes influencers experience job burnout?

Many social media influencers earn money by creating content on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. However, a recent survey found that as many as 72% of them experience job burnout due to changes on these platforms.

For instance, influencers were unhappy with the changes made on Instagram, which made it similar to TikTok. This caused their posts to reach fewer people, leading to frustration and reduced motivation to create content.

Moreover, more than half of the influencers (58%) feel that they cannot take a break from social media, as they fear losing followers (47%) or money (44%) if they do so.

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Influencers and mental health problems

It's important to understand that being an influencer is not as easy as it may seem. The pressure to constantly create new content at a high level can lead to professional burnout and mental health problems.

Unfortunately, the platforms on which influencers earn money do not offer much support in dealing with these issues. As a result, almost half of influencers turn to other sources of income due to negative feelings. Digital marketing consultant Shane Baker explains that if you're not constantly creating content, you risk being replaced by someone else.

Therefore, if you're considering pursuing a career as an influencer, it's important to be aware of these challenges, even if you're learning in a vlogging class at a high school in Łódź. Although these research findings were not conducted on Polish influencers, it's safe to assume that the problems they face are quite similar.

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