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Social media can be detrimental to mental health

Absolutely frightening! More and more people are thinking of suicide

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03.07.2023 18:21

Studies carried out in recent years have shown a direct link between depression and the use of social media. More specifically, this is mostly observed among young people, the so-called Gen Z.

Online space often offers us a distorted reality. Everything seems to be perfect there - perfect bodies, beautiful photos from exotic destinations in luxury hotels, expensive cars, fashion brand clothes. Even the relations between the people there are perfect.

When a person feels depressed, lonely or confused, they tend to visit social media more often. When they see the idyll that reigns there, they begin to feel dissatisfaction with themselves and their lifestyle.The problem gets deeper, as it can lead to more serious conditions - constant anxiety, stress and depression, and, in some cases, thinking of suicide.

Social media can make us feel like we constantly miss something

While research on the connection between social media and Gen Z suicide rate is relatively recent, researchers have also highlighted cyberbullying as a major concern. The lack of control and rules makes it possible for more and more ill-intentioned people to send offensive messages, spread false rumours about someone and even make threats. This can undoubtedly generate unpleasant consequences such as a constant feeling of fear and stress in younger users.

It is extremely important for parents to pay special attention to their children at this age. They should monitor their behavior, time spent online. And above all, they should explain to them that they are expected to behave online as they would behave in real life. They should express themselves as they really are, show their true beliefs and family values.

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