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Transgender father shares video of him giving birth

Transgender father shares video of him giving birth

Image source: © Dannythetransdad / Instagram
Marta Grzeszczuk,
11.04.2024 12:15

TikToker Dannythetransdad posted a video showing the birth of his daughter Wilder. He also addressed the comments from strangers who questioned his identity.

Dannythetransdad is a TikTok creator who is transgender and a single parent. He regularly shares videos of how he is raising his three-year-old daughter named Wilder, especially about the healthy meals he prepares for her himself. In response to the often-asked question in the comments, "Is this your birth child?" Danny Wakefield posted a video of his home birth during the pandemic.

A transgender man shares a video of his childbirth

Wakefield gave birth to his child in a special birthing pool at home, accompanied by his mother and two midwives. The TikToker shared the moment when his now three-year-old child, Wilder, came into the world. He also showed himself nine months pregnant and shared how he "kangarooed" his baby girl.

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However, as expected, many people felt the need to impose their own narrative on Wakefield's life and identity. He continually receives comments from strangers on the internet trying to tell him that he is, in fact, a mother, despite Wakefield's chosen identity. Wakefield responded to one such comment calmly but firmly, stating that even though it is 2024, strangers on the internet who know nothing about him have a problem with how he identifies himself.

Transgender father monetises hate speech

Wakefield emphasised that no matter what others feel, think or say about his identity, it won't change how he identifies. He believes that it's wrong for others to think their opinion matters in this regard. One of the comments under his post praised him for being a good dad and advised him to ignore the haters. However, Wakefield responded by stating that he prefers to use the haters' negativity to create content and make some money.

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Danny's journey is appreciated by many, and his baby is happy and healthy. While he creates parenting content, he does not showcase his child's face in his videos. Wilder's cheerful voice can be heard in his latest videos, but her face is not visible. Nonetheless, it's clear that Danny takes good care of his three-year-old and loves her unconditionally.

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