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The importance of kangaroo care: Breaking gender stereotypes in parenting

The importance of kangaroo care: Breaking gender stereotypes in parenting

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Maja Kozłowska,
22.02.2024 15:45

Marriage equality is recognised in more than 30 countries worldwide, and children raised by same-sex parents develop just as well as those raised by heterosexual parents.

Society is moving away from conservative thinking about marriage and family. Same-sex partnerships or marriages are becoming more accepted in many countries. However, another important step towards equality is allowing them to adopt and raise children together.

Currently, several dozen countries, including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and Germany, allow same-sex couples to adopt children. While there are also "rainbow families" who raise children together, they do not have legal recognition. In Poland, about 4% of non-heteronormative people are raising children, and there are as many as 50,000 people in such families - equivalent to a medium-sized Polish city's population.

According to zorientowaninarodzine.pl, 37.4% of LGBTQ+ individuals express a desire to adopt, with nearly one in ten planning to become parents within the next five years.

"They are not women, but they believe they are mothers"

A homophobic post went viral on the X portal, attacking fathers who raise children. It is not written directly, but one can guess that it mainly applies to rainbow families, although the graphic also illustrates single parents.

"They don't breastfeed, but they pretend as if they do. They are not women, but they believe they are mothers. They buy children as if they were a commodity. They hire women as if they were objects. This is what happens when you start calling the collapse of morality social progress," wrote an X user (nicknamed Aleksandra K).

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Kangaroo care - a typical parenting practice

There was a division among internet users regarding Aleksandra's opinion on non-heterogeneous families. Some supported her, while others criticised her and proved that such families are not a "fall of morality".

"You guys don't know what kangaroo care is? Skin-to-skin contact is bloody important after birth. So it's not about pretending to be a mother. It's about kangaroo care, and fathers can do that too," - Livv7 wrote.

Kangaroo care is recommended by experts on parenting forums for both parents. It helps balance the baby's body temperature and satisfies the need for closeness, reducing tension and stress.

Children in rainbow families are doing fine

Numerous studies have explored the quality of life within rainbow families. Researchers have also assessed the proportion of children raised in such families who develop a homosexual orientation. Surprisingly, over 90% of these individuals identify as heterosexual, indicating no significant difference from findings in heteronormative families.

Additionally, Chan, Raboy, and Patterson demonstrated that children brought up by gay, lesbian, or bisexual couples exhibit similar levels of maturity and adjustment to life as their counterparts in heterosexual families. Notably, a study by Mark Regnerus, which initially suggested that children from rainbow families experience lower social well-being, has since been discredited. The paper faced widespread criticism due to inaccuracies, and the author himself distanced from it, acknowledging manipulation.

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