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In vitro for rainbow families. Franek Sterczewski’s response to haters

In vitro for rainbow families. Franek Sterczewski’s response to haters

Image source: © Sejm
Maja Kozłowska,
30.11.2023 10:45

During the Sejm session on 29 November, the state budget funding for in vitro was approved. Civic Coalition’s MP Franek Sterczewski made it clear that it should also be available to singles and homosexual couples.

Current Members of the Sejm have had a very intensive day. On 29 November, they debated, among other things, the legitimacy of "trade Sundays", ensuring that Christmas Eve would be a day free from trade and voted on a proposal to finance in vitro fertilisation (IVF) from the state budget.

In the vote on reimbursed infertility treatment, 436 MPs voted. Of those, 268 voted in favour, 118 were against, and 50 abstained.

Franek Sterczewski, a KO MP, addressed an important issue regarding IVF during his speech. The politician emphasised that single women and homosexual couples should also be included in the in vitro fertilisation subsidy programme.

Franek Sterczewski supports single parents and LGBT families

TVP Info published Franek Sterczewski's speech on X (formerly Twitter). Exceptionally, no usual commentary was added. The post appeared purely for informative reasons.

[...] The in vitro programme did not focus on the erroneous assumption that only heterosexual couples can be parents because this has not been true for quite a long time

- said the KO MP.

Sterczewski emphasised in his speech that single-parent and rainbow families do exist and function well. He added that this does not affect the happiness and safety of the child.

Hate speech under TVP Info’s post? Not this time

MPs opposed to the Law and Justice party are not usually given a platform on TVP. However, MP Sterczewski's speech was an exception. His proposal obviously caused some controversy among Poles, but the comment with the highest number of likes clearly shows which users of X came upon it first.

"And this is in any way controversial?" asked @IgorMista_. "In fact, if you're aiming to have more children in Poland, why not?" added another internet user. "I can’t see any flaws here," wrote another.

Someone pointed out that public television has clearly changed its narrative lately: "TVP seems to have already changed sides, and now they post sensible demands instead of stupid quips of ruling party’s MPs".

On the other hand, there was also no shortage of comments personally attacking Mr Sterczewski and calling him names, as well as accusing him of homophobia because he proposed funding in vitro for single females omitting men.

Franek Sterczewski briefly referred to the TVP entry without entering into an unnecessary discussion with anyone.

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