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Young nationalists' campaign against school in Leszno. Headmaster calls it “absurd”

Young nationalists' campaign against school in Leszno. Headmaster calls it "absurd"

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Jakub TyszkowskiJakub Tyszkowski,22.11.2023 11:30

I Liceum Ogólnokształcące in Leszno has been targeted by the All-Polish Youth. The young nationalists filed a complaint against the school to the Board of Education. "These allegations are absurd", comments the school management.

The Leszczynski Family Comprehensive School No. 1 in Leszno has become the focus of attention of the All-Polish Youth (Polish: Młodzież Wszechpolska, a far-right ultranationalist youth organisation). On Tuesday 21 November, representatives of the organisation held a press conference and filed a complaint against the school with the Board of Education in Leszno.

The matter concerns the school statute, the text of which allegedly violates Polish Constitution. According to the All-Polish Youth, the document discriminates against "national ideas".

"It contains wording that could discriminate against the national ideas, as well as against students who are in some way share them. It says that the school embodies the value of patriotism without nationalism," said Piotr Płociniczak, president of the Leszno division of All-Polish Youth, during a press conference, as quoted by elka.pl

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"They dared to support the LGBT community"

Representatives of the All-Polish Youth announced that they had suggested changing the school statute by filing an official request last year. The school did not respond, which provoked the young nationalists to take further action.

[...] the following school year, the school decided to liken nationalism in the school's educational plan with phenomena such as xenophobia, racism or terrorism.

- Piotr Płociniczak (Source: elka.pl)

The president of the Leszno division of All-Polish Youth, even suggested some pathologies that, in his view, are present in the school by mentioning a meeting with the Stonewall group, an NGO fighting for the rights of LGBTQ+ people.

School targeted by the All-Polish Youth

While demanding respect for his values, Plocinichak managed to insult people whose ideas he does not identify with. "In the school you can find symbols such as flags of these degenerates [...]," said the young nationalist.

Płociniak, who is himself a graduate of the aforementioned comprehensive school, expressed regret that the school blocked him on social media. This was thought to have happened after he criticised the setting-up of pink boxes in the institution. The pink boxes are a result of a social initiative fighting the phenomenon of menstrual poverty in Poland, which Płociniak apparently isn’t a fan of.

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Representatives of the All-Polish Youth claim that the school’s statute violated Article 54 of the Constitution regarding the freedom of expressing opinion.

"Nationalism does not meet the said Article, which could exclude it as a fascist, racist or any other view that would threaten other people's freedoms. Nationalism is a political view that is allowed in Poland. The school has no right to prevent students from supporting or identifying with such views," Dawid Trzeciak, president of the Wielkopolska division of the All-Polish Youth, said at a press conference, as quoted by the elka.pl website.

School management comments on the attacks by the All-Polish Youth

What do the school authorities have to say on the matter? Journalists of the elka.pl portal managed to contact Barbara Kochanek, the headmaster of the comprehensive school in Leszno. "I am not going to discuss the issue with them. These allegations are absurd," she commented on the matter.

Source: elka.pl

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