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Being transgender is not a whim, new report proves

Being transgender is not a whim, new report proves

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Anna RusakAnna Rusak,13.12.2023 16:30

Research makes it clear to opponents of gender correction that transgenderism is not a "fashion". Young transgender people know what they are doing, and the latest study clearly confirms this.

Transgender individuals frequently encounter the assertion that their decision is merely a passing whim or trend, particularly from conservative and right-wing circles. A poignant example of such treatment occurred this year when Jarosław Kaczyński, President of the Law and Justice party, derided transgenderism.

However, empirical evidence and scientific research paint a starkly different picture. Transgender individuals are not swayed by fleeting fads; rather, they navigate their gender identity with conviction and authenticity.

Young transgender people continue the gender correction process into adulthood

Tranzycja.pl was the first to report on a study by the University of Amsterdam. Led by researcher Catherina van der Loos, in collaboration with the Amsterdam Centre for Gender Dysphoria, the researchers aimed to investigate whether young individuals persist with the gender correction process into adulthood, thereby remaining true to their transgender identity.

The study surveyed 720 people using data spanning from 2000 to 2022. Remarkably, 98% of respondents who initiated the gender correction process before the age of 18 continued it throughout their adult years. Notably, despite varying demographics among those receiving care at the Amsterdam clinic, there was no discernible difference in overall treatment outcomes.

Being transgender is not a whim

It is indeed common for opponents of transgender individuals to argue that young people should refrain from making gender correction decisions at an early age, suggesting that they are merely following a trend of being transgender. However, research unequivocally demonstrates that transgender individuals are not influenced by passing fads. Discontinuing hormone therapy is an exceptionally rare occurrence, and those who have embarked on the journey of gender correction typically continue it into adulthood.

In Poland, the transition process can commence after age 14. At this point, individuals may begin taking hormone blockers. However, it is important to note that minors under the age of 16 must visit a specialist accompanied by their legal guardian. Unfortunately, not all guardians are supportive of this decision.

Undoubtedly, there has been considerable controversy surrounding the tests and care the Amsterdam clinic provides. Minors at this clinic receive treatment following the so-called Dutch model. For further insights into this approach and why it is not recommended, visit the Tranzycja.pl website.

However, all politicians, including those who attempt to instil fear by advocating for mastectomies in 10-year-old girls, should familiarise themselves with the Transgender Study. Not only will it enhance their understanding of the transition process, but perhaps it will dissuade them from perpetuating the misconception that transgenderism is a passing trend. Science unequivocally refutes this notion.

Source: Tranzycja.pl

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