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August, a gender-fluid influencer, takes internet by storm

August, a gender-fluid influencer, takes internet by storm

Image source: © august_skyz / Instagram
Jakub TyszkowskiJakub Tyszkowski,07.05.2024 17:07

August, a gender-fluid person from the USA, gained internet fame for their unique fashion style. One day, they may try on clothes typically associated with women's fashion, while the next day, they may opt for items from the 'men's' section. August hails from a small town, but their style and identity have captured people's attention worldwide.

Over 200,000 fans on both TikTok and Instagram follow August, a 28-year-old gender-fluid individual who prefers to use the pronouns he/she/they. Originally from Minnesota, August shares their experiences about discovering their identity and the hate speech they encounter online.

Being gender-fluid means that August's gender is not fixed, and they shift between identifying as male, female, or someone else. Celebrities such as singer Olly Alexander, model Ruby Rose, actress Bella Remsey, and singer Demi Lovato have also identified themselves as gender-fluid.

Who is a gender-fluid person?

August expresses their identity in diverse ways. They enjoy experimenting with different make-up, hairstyles, and wardrobes and can transform their appearance so drastically that people often fail to recognise them in their new look. August's gender fluidity has been a source of education for many people, as they demonstrate what it means to express oneself beyond traditional gender roles.

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In some videos, August presents themselves as masculine, while in others, they are feminine, leading viewers to better understand what gender fluidity truly means. Some internet users have even mistaken August for a couple sharing a wardrobe, as their transformations are so striking that it's hard to believe they are the same person.

A gender-fluid person speaks out about comments they receive

"By openly embracing my gender fluidity, I attracted a partner who is accepting and supportive of my identity. Being true to myself allows me to confidently express my needs and desires in the relationship," the creator said in an interview with the media.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, August said how viewers react to his videos. The influencer stated that comments are usually positive, as many viewers thank August for raising awareness about new things. "Unfortunately, I've gotten a death threat here and there," August emphasised.

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August's most popular video attracted more than 16 million views. In the video, the creator shows that clothes do not define gender.

Source: Daily Mail/TikTok

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