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Retail Audits: What Are Gen Z Looking for in Back-to-school Products?

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Materiały Prasowe,
08.12.2023 16:45

The Consumer Protection Commission has started inspections in the retail network. The commission checks the goods needed by students before the start of the first day at school. Clothes, shoes, school supplies, equipment and accessories have been checked.

Gen Z is a generation that grows up with the development of technology. They focus on purchasing interactive tools. They use many online resources and electronic aids in the learning process.

What Are Gen Z Looking for in Back-to-school Products?

Representatives of Gen Z value an individual approach both in education and in terms of clothing style. Despite the discussions about school uniforms that have appeared in recent years in Bulgaria - something that is unthinkable for the freedom-loving, young generation.

The purpose of the commission is to determine whether commercial messages to consumers are correct and what the quality of the products is. In this scope, Gen Z are environmentally conscious. They strive to consume products that leave a minimal, negative, ecological footprint.

The Bulgarian state will finance the education of over 46 000 students. Besides the above-mentioned products, the online resources that students most often buy should also be inspected. Digital tools and platforms are an important aspect of both communication and learning for Gen Z.


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