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Recreational cannabis becomes legal in Germany

Recreational cannabis becomes legal in Germany. Some people fear that more minors will consume drugs

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01.04.2024 14:30

Starting from April 1st, adults in Germany are allowed to consume, possess, and cultivate cannabis for recreational purposes, in a limited quantity.

Those who have advocated for this change are celebrating the moment. Others fear that the legislative green light will lead to a worrying increase in cannabis consumption among minors.

Recreational cannabis becomes legal in Germany

Starting from April 1st, any adult in Germany can carry - in public - a maximum of 25 grams of cannabis. And at home - another 50 grams. Additionally, they have the right to grow up to three plants. Or to join the so-called "cannabis clubs", where cultivation is done collectively. Police fear that the law coming into force will cause an explosion in demand, which will initially benefit the criminal world.

Alexander Poitz, Vice President of the Police Union: "First of all, the law contains a lot of theory, but few elements related to its practical implementation. Secondly, the entry into force will be followed by an increase in demand, which cannot be covered by legal producers. Criminal structures will adapt and enjoy higher sales and profits. The police will need to conduct more inspections".

Other concerns are related to the fact that minors will also have easier access to cannabis.

Alexander Poitz, Vice President of the Police Union: "This law will give children and teenagers the impression that it is normal to consume cannabis".

Experts call for the urgent implementation of public information and prevention programs. Especially since, in the case of children and teenagers, cannabis use can have negative effects on the brain.

Jakob Maske, pediatrician: "Unfortunately, we see cases of psychosis among teenagers, due to the disappearance of connections between brain structures. At the same time, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders appear. We have also seen an increase in depression cases. We can prove that cannabis use can reduce intelligence in teenagers".

The German executive fought hard to pass the law through the legislature, with arguments, such as reducing crime and providing a safe and quality product, in a regulated quantity. Cannabis consumption is prohibited near playgrounds and sports centers. In addition, to avoid "drug tourism", the only ones who can grow cannabis are those who have been living in Germany for at least six months.

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