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Do you feel anxious when you don't have your mobile phone? You may have 'nomophobia' - the main symptoms

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11.12.2023 09:30

We all have a certain level of attachment to our mobile phones, but for some people, the absence of their phones or losing access to the internet can increase their anxiety levels beyond normal.

Nomophobia, short for "no mobile phone phobia," is a term used to describe the anxiety a person experiences when they don't have access to their mobile phone, as reported by CNBC.

"Nomophobes are those who exhibit a dependency on their mobile phones", according to a research published in BMC Psychiatry in July.

The symptoms of nomophobia are similar to those of addiction or other anxiety disorders and may include:





·Changes in breathing

·Tachycardia, which is defined as rapid heartbeat

Causes and Consequences of Nomophobia

According to the research published in BMC Psychiatry, adolescents are the most affected by nomophobia, but individuals of any age group can face this issue.

A significant reason why many people experience nomophobia is our dependence on mobile phones, says clinical psychologist Michele Leno.

"We are attached to our phones for many different reasons. These are our miniature computers. We use them for business. We use them to stay connected with family", Leno told CNBC Make It.

"When we can't use them immediately, we become anxious because we believe we're missing out. We have this mindset that our phones allow us to be connected to everything at all times".

Certain individuals are more susceptible to developing nomophobia, says licensed clinical psychologist Blair Steel. Factors that can increase your chances of developing this condition include:

·Preexisting anxiety

·Low self-esteem

·Struggles with emotional regulation

·Insecure attachment styles

·Lack of personal relationships

Once a person develops an unhealthy attachment to their mobile phone, it can negatively impact multiple areas of their life, says Leno. Nomophobia can affect your ability to concentrate and divert your attention from tasks, she adds, including at work or school.

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