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COP28 protest: Extinction Rebellion activists dye Venice Canal green

COP28 protest: Extinction Rebellion activists dye Venice Canal green

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Weronika Paliczka,
11.12.2023 12:30

Activists from Extinction Rebellion have once again drawn attention to climate issues, this time by dying the Grand Canal in Venice with green fluorescent paint. It appears that this is just one of many actions that the group has planned.

Extinction Rebellion is an organisation that is recognised for its unconventional and often controversial methods of drawing attention to the issue of climate change. The group aims to raise awareness of the global climate crisis and is known for its often-unseen forms of protest. Most recently, its members were seen protesting in Venice.

Grand Canal? Now it’s Green

On 9 December, activists from the Extinction Rebellion poured green fluorescent paint into Venice's Grand Canal, considered one of Venice's most essential and recognisable tourist attractions. Their actions are related to the COP28 climate summit, which is being held in Dubai. According to Extinction Rebellion, the entire conference is a farce that will not result in any significant change. Therefore, activists from the Italian branch of the organisation are actively working throughout the country to communicate that.

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"In Venice, three people came down from the Rialto Bridge, unfurling a banner reading 'While the government speaks, we hang by a thread'. The waters of the Grand Canal below them turned green simultaneously."

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Extinction Rebellion coordinated their actions with a worldwide day of action for climate justice. Apart from the effort in Venice, activists also held similar events in various locations, including Rome. Here, they placed a banner on the island of Tiberius with the message, "While the government talks, the world collapses! Act now!" Furthermore, they dyed the waters of the Tiber River green to draw attention to their cause.

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Venice authorities do not support the activists' actions

After a protest in Venice, 28 activists were detained by the police. All of them were charged with undeclared demonstration, disruption of public service, and spilling dangerous substances. Five of them were ordered to leave Venice for four years. According to Extinction Rebellion, some expelled individuals are Venice University students. Additionally, three Extinction Rebellion activists have been banned from entering urban areas in Venice for 48 hours.

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