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Extinction Rebellion in Warsaw. Activists called out Rafał Trzaskowski

Extinction Rebellion in Warsaw. Activists called out Rafał Trzaskowski

Image source: © extinctionrebellionwarszawa / Instagram
Natalia Witulska,
01.03.2024 16:15

On Wednesday, 28 February, activists from the Polish branch of the Extinction Rebellion movement protested in Warsaw, calling on Rafał Trzaskowski to ensure that residents have access to proper home insulation.

Extinction Rebellion is a global movement that employs mass civil disobedience to compel governments to act against anthropogenic climate change, biodiversity loss, mass extinction of species and the threat of human extinction. The organisation operates in a non-hierarchical manner where members make all decisions collectively, without any official bosses.

The hourglass is the symbol of Extinction Rebellion. It represents extinction and serves as a reminder that many species are running out of time and face total extinction. Recently, activists from the Warsaw branch of the movement expressed their dissatisfaction, calling for Rafał Trzaskowski to take responsibility for the welfare of the capital's residents. They demanded the insulation of all houses in the city and urged the mayor to take action.

Rafał Trzaskowski is a Polish politician, political scientist, local government official, and university professor. He specialises in European affairs and holds a doctorate in humanities. He has served as a Member of the European Parliament, Minister of Administration and Digitisation, Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and a Member of the Sejm of the 8th term. Since 2018, he has been the mayor of Warsaw. In 2020, he ran for the presidency of Poland but lost to Andrzej Duda in the second round of voting.

Extinction Rebellion versus Trzaskowski

Activists from the Warsaw branch of Extinction Rebellion gathered on the streets of Warsaw on 28 February. Their aim was to draw the attention of Warsaw Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski to the issue of building insulation. According to the activists, all houses in the capital need to be insulated.

"We've symbolically insulated the house to highlight the need for Warsaw to actually insulate it. A house without proper insulation can pose a threat to the health and safety of its inhabitants. Dampness in flats, walls covered in fungus, and excessively high heating bills are just some of the issues that can arise. The fact that Warsaw is offering such flats to tenants is already reason enough for our anger and protest!" reads Extinction Rebellion's Instagram post.

"But the problem doesn't end there. The absence of insulation is a major climate issue. It represents wasted energy and emissions that could have been avoided. Activists use the term 'climate catastrophe'. But what does it mean? It means hunger, lack of drinking water, wars, and suffering. To prevent such outcomes, we must take action now! Rafal Trzaskowski tries to prove that his politics is green. He is cautious not to be associated with climate denialists. Mr. Trzaskowski, you don't have to prove that you're not foolish. Instead, prove to us that you're not a cynic who talks about climate change but does nothing to protect it," the photo's description reads.

On their Instagram, the activists claimed that they had arranged a peaceful and cultural gathering. However, they also mentioned the notorious actions of malicious activists. They cautioned Rafal Trzaskowski that they may not be as courteous during the upcoming local elections as they were on Wednesday, February 28th.

"We held a legal gathering yesterday and were very polite. We didn't block the street or chain ourselves anywhere. However, Mr Mayor, activists can sometimes be difficult to deal with. As the next elections approach, we may still cause a disturbance. Nevertheless, we hope you will announce energy efficiency plans without our interference. Our group is called the Extinction Rebellion, and we are committed to taking action to protect the environment," reads a post on the Extinction Rebellion's Instagram page.

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