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The Last Generation adopts new tactics: Blocking motorways instead of bridges

The Last Generation adopts new tactics: Blocking motorways instead of bridges

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Konrad SiwikKonrad Siwik,27.06.2024 15:00

In response to the worsening climate crisis, activists from the Last Generation are announcing a new form of protest. Starting next week, dozens of people will block motorways, shifting their actions from bridges to major roads.

The Last Generation, known for its previous actions of blocking bridges and other controversial activities, has announced a change in strategy. After the hottest year on record, the activists have decided to focus their protests on urban motorways. Their statement highlights the government's failure to respond adequately to the escalating climate crisis, instead choosing to continue expanding road infrastructure.

"The government has decided to relentlessly fuel the climate crisis by expanding motorways and expressways," the statement reads. "It has sacrificed the long-term safety of its citizens. Despite our demands, the Tusk government claims there is no reason to halt this expansion. It has chosen to publicly lie to and silence those who dare to oppose it."

Last Generation intends to block motorways

Blocking bridges was a minor nuisance for residents, but the new strategy is designed to draw even more attention to the climate crisis. Activists argue that motorways are major contributors to the climate crisis, and blocking them aims to raise public awareness and pressure the government.

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"We need to take a stand if we want our children's future to be better than our present. We need to make a difference," the activists explain. The planned protests aim to persuade the government to divert PLN 294 billion from new motorway projects to address transport exclusion.

The impact of the climate crisis

The Last Generation is deadly serious about the scale of the problem. "Each of the last 12 months has been the hottest on record," they remind us. The activists point out that in July 2022 alone, more than 11,000 Europeans died due to the heat, including nearly 800 people in Poland.

This year's forecasts are similarly bleak. One hundred eighteen municipalities in Poland have already issued appeals to conserve water; the hottest months are yet to come. "What will we do if we really run out of it?" the activists ask rhetorically, emphasising the urgency of their actions.

"We cannot wait any longer"

The activists emphasise that their actions are a response to the authorities' inaction. "We cannot wait any longer. We will not remain silent in the face of the already visible effects of the climate crisis," they declare. "We will not block bridges this time. Starting next week, dozens of people will block urban motorways."

By blocking urban motorways, the activists aim to highlight the challenges faced by people in smaller towns and villages. "The problem of getting to school, work, or the doctor affects 6 million Polish citizens," they emphasise.

Protests in the hottest weather

The Last Generation is planning its actions for the hottest days of summer. "We will sit on the roads in the scorching heat. We will protest in the places that are accelerating the climate crisis the fastest, pushing our country and economy towards collapse," they declare. The activists hope their actions will draw attention to the urgent need for change and push the government to take concrete steps to tackle the climate crisis.

"It is our duty to protest against the government that is failing its citizens," they conclude, stressing that they are the first generation fully aware of the climate crisis and the last generation that can prevent its worst effects.

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