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Eco-revolution in New York as city introduces trash bins requirement

Eco-revolution in New York as city introduces trash bins requirement

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Maja Kozłowska,
09.07.2024 13:00

Is the US a progressive and modern country? In some respects, yes. In other respects, it falls behind. For example, in 2024, New Yorkers will finally experience the benefits of using plastic trash bins, a practice long adopted in many parts of the world.

The American dream has long been overshadowed by the harsh realities of life in the United States. People worldwide become familiar with the prohibitive costs of food, education, medical treatment, and housing in America. Paid holidays are virtually non-existent. The country's perpetually congested roads, inadequate public transport, the fentanyl crisis, and frequent public shootings have shattered the once-idealised vision of America. Visiting the US for a holiday? Certainly. Living there? While there are advantages, the reality suggests the grass isn't necessarily greener than in Poland.

Despite its technological and economic prowess, the US falls short in several areas, even compared to Poland. In 2024, the mayor of New York is set to introduce an innovation to the city: wheelie bins, a component of the so-called 'trash revolution.'

Mobile trash bins: A novelty for New Yorkers

New York City Mayor Eric Adams showcased a plastic trash bin at a press conference on Monday. He announced that starting June 1, 2026, every building with one to nine residential units will be mandated to purchase a NYC Bin, a plastic trash bin on wheels. The bin costs $50 and is to be shared among the apartment tenants.

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Beginning November 12, New Yorkers will be required to deposit their waste in containers. This measure aims to resolve the issue of trash bags cluttering the streets, spilling garbage, and generating unpleasant odours. It is also hoped that this initiative will help reduce the city's rat population, which has previously had easy access to unchecked food waste.

"Many people thought it was impossible that these babies here, the bins, were going to be part of our trash revolution. We are only catching up to what other municipalities around the globe are currently doing. Think about it: That’s over 10 billion pounds of trash each year that we won’t see or smell," NYC Mayor Eric Adams said.

Source: newyorkpost.com

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