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New national parks announced in Poland. Tree logging halted

New national parks announced in Poland. Tree logging halted

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Marta Grzeszczuk,
09.01.2024 13:30

Paulina Hennig-Kloska, the Climate and Environment Minister, has already made significant strides in her new role. She has decreased logging in forests and is working towards creating additional national parks.

The new Climate and Environment Minister, Paulina Hennig-Kloska, got down to work intensively at the ministry. Appointed to the post on 13 December 2023, the MP for Poland 2050 has already visited, among others, the Białowieża Forest and announced the establishment of a 'constitution' for this most valuable Polish forest.

The Ministry of Climate and Environment stopped logging trees

On January 8th, the Ministry of Climate and Environment announced a reduction in planned logging in 10 forests across Poland. We have previously reported on the issue, highlighting concerns raised by naturalists, lawyers, and activists regarding the non-transparent and questionable methods employed during logging activities under the previous director of the State Forests, Józef Kubica.

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Turnica National Park location

The logging of trees has been stopped in the most valuable primeval forests. The Ministry has given itself six months to verify the management of trees in these locations. One of the locations is the Carpathian Primeval Forest, which has been a subject of contention for years, with activists from the Wild Carpathians Initiative fighting to include its area within the planned Turnica National Park area.

In an interview with radiozet.pl on 9 January, Minister Hennig-Kloska stated that the ministry's general position on the issue is to increase the number of national parks. Currently, parkland in Poland covers only 1% of the country's area, while the EU average is 3%. The ministry will work on this and consult proposals with local communities.

Source: Radio Zet

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