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Don’t waste hair groomed from your pet. Put it to good use

Don’t waste hair groomed from your pet. Put it to good use

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Marta Grzeszczuk,
04.01.2024 17:00

A Polish foundation collects fur and hair to produce eco-friendly mats. These mats are used to absorb oily substances and toxins from the environment.

Regular grooming by pet owners and animal lovers can play an important role in improving the ecological state of our planet. Did you know that you can recycle the fur of shaggy pets to create mats that can be used to clean the oceans and other areas? It's a simple yet effective way to contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment.

Now you can donate fur and hair

The Malachite Minds foundation in Poland is a partner of Matter of Trust, an organisation based in San Francisco since 1998. Matter of Trust creates mats from hair and fur for various ecological purposes. These mats utilise the natural absorptive properties of hair and fur to purify water from oily substances and absorb toxins from the soil.

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For the mats to be effective, the minimum length of hair required is 2.5 cm. Human hair is collected separately, especially after a visit to the hairdressers. Hair over 13 cm is used as a base for the absorption mats. The foundation's Instagram page provides detailed information on how to supply them with fur or hair. Malachite Minds is based in Warsaw.

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