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Clean Transport Zone launches in Warsaw: Which cars are banned in the capital?

Clean Transport Zone launches in Warsaw: Which cars are banned in the capital?

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Weronika Paliczka,
01.07.2024 15:15

The Clean Transport Zone in Warsaw started operating on 1 July. Vehicles that do not meet the specified requirements are not permitted to enter. Who needs to consider changing their car?

Environmentalists and scientists have long advocated for the necessity of introducing Clean Transport Zones (CTZ) in Poland. In a 2020 interview with Gazeta Wyborcza, Professor Marek Brzeżański of the Motor Vehicles Institute at Krakow University of Technology stated: "The question is not if we should introduce zones in Poland, but when. The sooner we start, the better it will be for everyone." This initiative is anticipated to significantly improve air quality in the largest Polish cities, with Warsaw being the first to join the programme.

What cars are not allowed in CTZ?

According to the Clean Transport Zone regulations, from 1 July 2024, owners of petrol cars manufactured before 1997 and diesel cars manufactured before 2005 will be prohibited from entering Warsaw. However, this restriction does not apply to residents who pay taxes in Warsaw.

The second wave of restrictions will commence in 2026 when diesel cars manufactured before 2009 and petrol cars older than 26 years will be banned from entering the Clean Transport Zone in Warsaw. This restriction also exempts residents of the capital.

Stage 3 will come into effect in 2028, preventing petrol cars manufactured before 2005 and diesel cars produced before 2014 from entering CTZ. The penultimate wave will begin in 2030, applying to petrol cars older than 21 years and diesel cars manufactured before 2017. The final wave is set to start in 2032, at which point diesel cars manufactured before 2020 and petrol cars older than 18 years will be barred from entering Warsaw’s CTZ.

Which areas of Warsaw fall within the Clean Transport Zone?

The Clean Transport Zone covers 37 square kilometres of Warsaw, which accounts for approximately 7% of the city's total area. It encompasses most of the city centre and parts of the surrounding districts. In the first and second stages of the entry ban, residents, taxpayers, individuals over 70 years of age, and owners of vintage cars are exempted.

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Source: Gazeta Wyborcza

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