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TikTok sued for inappropriate content. Are children safe?

TikTok sued for inappropriate content. Are children safe?

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Oliwia Ruta,
18.01.2024 15:00

TikTok has been sued for misleading parents about inappropriate content. Are the app's youngest users safe?

TikTok is a highly popular social networking platform where users can create, share and view short videos. Although young people widely use it, the app is also gaining popularity among older generations. TikTok has become a hub where people from different age groups share their creativity, educational content, humour, lifestyle, and trends.

United States against TikTok?

On Wednesday, 17 January, Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird filed a lawsuit in state court in Polk County against TikTok and Chinese company ByteDance. The platform faces accusations of misleading parents about their children's access to inappropriate content related to, for example, drugs, nudity, alcohol and profanity while using the app.

TikTok has kept parents in the dark. It’s time we shine a light on TikTok for exposing young children to graphic materials such as sexual content, self-harm, illegal drug use, and worse

- Brenna Bird said.

The state of Iowa is seeking financial penalties and an order barring ByteDance-owned TikTok from engaging in deceptive and unfair conduct, Reuters reports. The platform, however, denies the accusations and asserts that it "has industry-leading safeguards in place for young people, including parental controls and time limits for those under 18."

"We are committed to tackling industry-wide challenges and will continue to prioritise community safety," reads TikTok's statement.

Source: Reuters

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