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The rise of Generation Z in local elections: A majority on Confederation's lists

The rise of Generation Z in local elections: A majority on Confederation's lists

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Marta Grzeszczuk,
20.03.2024 12:45

The GrowSpace Foundation has released a list of political parties that have the highest number of Generation Z representatives running in local elections.

The GrowSPACE Foundation is a non-governmental organisation focusing on issues crucial to young adults. Recently, it compiled a report based on data from the State Electoral Commission. The report highlights Generation Z's participation in the upcoming local elections.

GrowSPACE emphasised in a press release that the provincial assemblies hold significant power in local government. These assemblies will make important decisions regarding the allocation of EU funds and NRRP funds (Polish: Krajowy Plan Odbudowy), which are crucial investments for Generation Z's future. Hence, it is vital that young people from Generation Z are represented in the provincial assemblies.

335 Zoomers running in the provincial assembly elections

According to the GrowSPACE report, 335 candidates under the age of 29 were put on the electoral lists by the five main party committees, including Civil Coalition, Law and Justice, Third Way, Left, and Confederation. Out of these, 80 candidates were given priority seats (ranging from 1 to 3) which statistically increases their chances of being elected. 558 provincial assembly councillors will be elected nationwide on April 7.

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According to a recent analysis, the Confederation's lists have the most young people—142 nationwide, of which 39 have priority seats. Dominik Kuc from GrowSPACE emphasised that the right wing is striving to appeal to young voters, whose mobilisation significantly impacted the election results on October 15. Despite the record turnout in the parliamentary elections, only three MPs under 30 were elected.

401 young people are running for city councils

The number of young people running for City Council positions in 18 provincial cities varies. Warsaw (64), Krakow (54) and Wrocław (40) have the highest number of Generation Z candidates on party committee lists. On the other hand, Olsztyn (5) and Bydgoszcz (8) have the least. The Confederation has fielded the largest number of candidates under 29 in seven provincial cities. These cities are Wrocław, Toruń, Lublin, Kraków, Opole, Rzeszów, and Szczecin. In total, there are 401 young candidates, both male and female, competing for seats in all 18 voivodeship cities. Of these, 143 will have one, two, or three seats.

In his comment on these figures, Dominik Kuc emphasised the importance of having young candidates on the electoral lists of all parties. He stated that young people tend to identify with candidates who are closer to their age and that it is crucial to discuss Generation Z's priorities.

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