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Poland Considers Banning Homework Assignments

Poland considers banning homework assignments

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Jakub TyszkowskiJakub Tyszkowski,10.01.2024 12:30

The Polish education system is set to undergo significant changes, starting with a reduction in homework for primary schools, according to Deputy Minister of National Education Katarzyna Lubnauer.

Homework is often dreaded by both students and parents alike. In a Polish school system, students are assigned an excessive amount of homework, leading to exhaustion, late-night studying, and a lack of time to pursue other interests. Reducing homework was one of the key campaign promises in the lead-up to the autumn parliamentary elections of 2023.

Following the elections, Donald Tusk's government took over the Polish education system, with Przemysław Czarnek stepping down as Minister of Education and Science. Barbara Nowacka was then appointed as the new minister. Even before officially taking up her post, she had already called for a reduced amount of homework assigned to students in the education system.

Amount of assigned homework to be reduced

During an interview on TVN24, Nowacka expressed her concern over the amount of homework assigned to students and advocated for reducing it in consultation with experts and educationalists. She suggested that homework should not be graded for grades 1-3 students.

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The Ministry of National Education is currently working on changes to the education system, which Deputy Minister of National Education Katarzyna Lubnauer revealed. These changes will be implemented in the new year while pupils and teachers take a break for the winter holidays, which last from January to February, depending on the province.

Deadline for homework assignments ban announced

"During the winter school break, it is expected that a draft regulation will be submitted for public consultation, which envisages the reduction of homework in primary schools," Lubnauer told Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.

"Our goal is to create solutions that can positively change the learning process and promote equal educational opportunities for children. Not all households have the same resources and opportunities for parents to guide their children in completing their homework. Moreover, we also aim to minimise the need for tutoring," the Deputy Minister of National Education added.

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Aside from decreasing or banning homework altogether, the Ministry of Education also announced plans to streamline the core curriculum. However, teachers' working hours are not be reduced.

Source: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna/TVN24

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